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A selection of my bands, music projects and collaborations, current and past.

Temporal Fix


Temporal Fix is a recording and performance duo comprising of poet, lyricist and vocalist Robert W Monk and myself.

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I played guitar with the Berlin based avant-garde rock band MUTTER from 2013 to 2022. 


Anja Huwe


For Anja Huwe's solo album "Codes", I contributed the basic (instrumental) track for the song "Zwischenwelt". I also played additional instruments, such as bass and partly guitars on tracks like "Skuggornas". Based on Anja Huwe’s visual ideas and in cooperation, I created the album artwork, including the designs for the attached lyric booklet. I also did the artwork for both single covers – "Rabenschwarz" and "Pariah". The Anja Huwe logo was kindly provided by Chris Bigg, mostly know for his work for 4 AD records.


Blue Kremlin


Blue Kremlin were a Hamburg goth rock band active in the mid 80s. I played drums and sometimes guitar.


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